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Friends of the Burke-Gilman Trail at Sand Point is dedicated to the restoration and preservation  of Seattle's longest trail and skinniest city park.


The "Friends" is a group of Green Seattle Partnership forest stewards and others involved in and supporting the return of Seattle Parks land along the B-G trail to a state closer to what it was like when the first white settlers and developers moved into the Sand Point area.

Our Focus

The Seattle portion of the B-G Trail runs from the  northeast city limits to Shilshole, but this site focuses on the sections of the trail from University Village north to Matthews Beach.  This four mile stretch consists of varied environments ranging from wetlands to sunny bare slopes to densely treed areas.

Get Involved

The restoration of Seattle's park lands is a huge effort.  Fortunately there are many ways for individuals and groups to contribute to the effort.  Not only can folks volunteer to work directly on a restoration project but they can also contribute their time or money in support.

Bird Walks

One of the benefits of restoring the native bio-diversity to our parks is the improvement of habitat for birds and other wildlife..  We sponsor a monthly bird walk and track bird counts to determine how bird life along one section of the trail has been impacted

Important Highlights


This is our new website.  Check out the Blog page for more info. 

Current Work Areas

Give Big!!!

GIVE BIG DAY is coming April 20th.  Go to the GET INVOLVED page to see how you can donate on the big day!

Groups Expanded


Currently there are groups working on sections of the trail between NE 65th St and Matthews Beach.  Activities generally involve maintaining previously cleared areas.  Bird nesting this time of year limits our activities.

Now that Covid rules have been relaxed GSP work events have now been allowed to grow to 10 

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