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New Web Site!

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

Welcome to the new web site maintained by the Friends of the Burke-Gilman Trail at Sand Point!

The old web site fell victim to some notorious scammers so it was decided to start with a new easier to use platform. The site is in the very early stages of being resurrected as we work to move content from the old site into a new format. There is a lot of work remaining to be done but we wanted to get a site back up as soon as possible. So please help us out by providing your feedback on what is not working well or needs correcting. Of course we also encourage you to let us know what you like about the site and what else you might like to see.

Given the ease of use of the platform there is a renewed commitment and effort to keep it current and establish it as a main communication tool with members of the Friends group, our supporters and all those interested in what's going on along the trail in the U. Village, Bryant, Laurelhurst, Sand Point, View Ridge, Fairway Estates, Inverness and Matthew's Beach areas.

Toward that end one intention is to expand the site to recognize that there is work being done along the trail and in parks throughout northeast Seattle that goes well beyond what the members of the Friends of the Burke-Gilman Trail at Sand Point are doing. Those efforts will be described here and feel free to provide input to us regarding any of the work you see going on or wonder about.

Thanks for your patience as we work on improving the site and check back often to see it evolve and provide your comments!

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Looks great, thanks for the new site.

Mi piace
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