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Artifacts Found Along the Trail

Updated: Apr 9, 2021

In the process of working on this section of the Burke-Gilman Trail, we have found that there were two farms. One was located to the west of the NE 53rd street end and the other was roughly where the Center for Spiritual Living is. There also is clear evidence of the brick factory that existed just north of NE 70th St on the west side of the trail!

We have also found a section of rail, now grown into the root of a tree and a number of railroad ties and fastenings which held the rail to the railroad tie. Just before the trail turns to the west, there is a ramp of wood which may have been a loading dock for one of the farms.

Among the artifacts found is a carcass hook used by butchers that was found just east of the present day Metro Market. (Photo courtesy of Jack DiMarchi).

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